I Thessalonians 1:4

Don Fortner


If you are a child of God by faith in Christ, redeemed by blood and saved by grace, your salvation is the result of "your election of God."


ELECTION IS A BLESSED DOCTRINE OF HOLY SCRIPTURE. It is taught in every Book of the Bible, on almost every page of Inspiration. Hundreds of texts could be quoted to show this. Look up the words, "choose", "chosen", "elect", and "election", in a concordance. You will be astounded at the prominence of this doctrine in the Word of God. It cannot be denied that election is a Bible doctrine (John 15:16; Acts 13:48; Eph. 1:3-4; II Thess. 2:13-14; II Tim. 1:9; Psa. 65:4). And it is a blessed doctrine, full of consolation. Election was an act of God's eternal sovereignty (Rom. 9:11-23), an act of free, unconditional grace (Matt. 11:25-26), unalterable, immutable, and irreversible (Matt. 3:6; Rom. 11:29), infallibly effectual, securing the salvation of all whom God has chosen (Rom. 8:28-30), and the fountain of all other grace (Eph. 1:3-4). Our election by God was personal and distinguishing. It was in Christ. And the only cause for our election was the everlasting love of God for us (Jer. 31:3; Eph. 1:4).


BUT ELECTION IS A DOCTRINE THAT IS OFTEN MISREPRESENTED AND, THEREFORE, MISUNDERSTOOD BY MANY. Some people oppose the doctrine of election, simply because they have never heard it taught as the Bible teaches it. Election is not, in anyway, contrary to, or inconsistent with, the promises of God in the gospel (Matt. 11:28; John 3:36; Rom. 10:9-13; Acts 16:31; Mk. 16:16). We do not limit the invitations of the gospel. We call upon all people everywhere to trust Christ, and assure all who trust Christ of salvation by the grace of God. And election does not diminish man's responsibility before God. God commands you to repent of your sins and trust his Son. And you are responsible to do so (Isa. 45:22; John 6:29; I John 3:23; 5:10-13).


AND YOUR ELECTION OF GOD IS SOMETHING THAT MAY BE KNOWN (I Thess. 1:3-10). Repentance, faith, conversion, and good works are both the fruit and the proof of election. If you are born of God, if you trust Christ, you are one of God's elect!


Don Fortner, Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Danville, Ky.

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